Zella at the first outing of Girl in the Hood. (courtesy of Martyn Baldock Photography)

A best-selling piece, THE GIRL IN THE HOOD, is an updating telling of Little Red Riding Hood. It’s fast paced, and presented in constrained verse.


THE GIRL IN THE HOOD has become a firm favourite for GCSE students in the UK and around the world. The script (three female, 15 mins) is available from resources4drama.


Red is sent to her Grandmother’s to deliver a parcel but encounters a suited Wolf on the way. She escapes from his licking caress, only to find he has beaten her to her destination. Unlike some versions, Red is not saved by a man. She solves her problem herself.

THE GIRL IN THE HOOD was Zella’s first published play. Originally performed as a monologue at Gosport Fairy Tales festival, and Victorious, Zella adapted the piece for three performers at the request of resources4drama. She receives weekly emails from students about the piece, and endeavours to answer every query.

terrible picture of Victorious warm-up (Girl in the Hood)

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