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GENGHIS is about perception and questions Genghis Khan’s disreputable reputation by interlacing stories of his supposed barbarities with his supposed achievements. The theme of storytelling versus historical fact is woven throughout Genghis Khan’s life covering his marriages, his meteoric rise to power, his savagery and his death.


GENGHIS  is a 90 min, three person play and will be going into R&D this Autumn with Librarian Theatre with the potential for a tour. The script, which will remain available until R&D begins, is published and licenced by resources4drama.


The play begins around 1190 when, cast out onto The Steppes after the treacherous murder of his father, young Temujin (Genghis Khan), his mother and sisters starve until taken in by a rival tribe. Here Temujin is bound to marry Borte. Temujin discovers passion on his wedding night, only for Borte to be stolen the next day by a rival tribe. Temujin vows revenge. On rescuing Borte he discovers she is pregnant with Jochi – the question of Jochi’s paternity haunts Temujin for the rest of his life.

Temujin unites The Steppes’ rival tribes learning the craft of war as he does, destroying those who threaten his family, subjecting others under his rule (becoming Genghis Khan of the Mongols) and always sending his spoils back to Borte. While he loves the idea of her, he cannot be with her, unable to bear the presence of Jochi at her side.

After the Mongols are crossed in a trade agreement, Temujin Khan invades China – twice – destroying two dynasties before conquering Persia. He marries three more women fathering a continent, but his heart remains with Borte.

His death, shrouded in mystery, is imagined at the hands of time, brought down by the commonest killer of all.

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