The original cast of AMBITION, directed by Helen Jones.

Concept, book and lyrics by Zella Compton, music by Tom Guyer and David Cefai.

Ten leads (three female, five male, two F/M), plus chorus (minimum seven)

AMBITION is a one-act musical which asks what people are willing to give up for their dreams, told via the story of a boy band and it’s all female management team.

Ambition synopsis (with musical numbers)

All Mansford wants to do is to win the Manufactured Britain Manager Trophy, at the annual Phonograph Awards. She wants to be recognised for her managerial talents rather than her previous notoriety as lead singer of “Go Girls: Global”.

With the presenters of Stardom Tonight – that odious internet show – narrating every setback, Mansford holds auditions to find the perfect group (Pick Me!). You’d think her staff would help her in her quest but while Mansford is busy working her fingers to the bone to pull together her new boy band, her staff are continually arguing. Plus Catalina won’t stop asking for a pay-rise, while the creative intern – unpaid   –  keeps mooning around after a band member (Martyr). It’s not enough that Mansford is giving this invaluable experience to kick-start their careers, like leaving them in charge of the band’s transformation, they want rewarding for it too (Get it Together).

The project starts so well, the boy band each agree to hide the truth about themselves – secrets that won’t appeal to teenagers and their bank accounts – but after a successful tour of UK venues (Electricity), cracks start appearing. Demands for money, demands for honesty, demands for this, that and the other. The boys even have the gall to question whether they are being misused – as if! The money’s all being carefully counted if not yet distributed (Exploit). With rebellion squashed, Mansford is thrilled to attend the Phonograph Awards to receive her manager trophy, but disaster strikes. Annoyingly fans rush Mansford’s boy band just as she is about to get her hands on her reward. Medics are called, and with rightful wrath about the fact her big moment is ruined, Mansford fires her boy band, and her assistants (Alone).

Mansford seeks new opportunities, while the still unpaid boys return to their previous occupations (Splintered Lives). News spreads that Stardom Tomorrow USA is seeking British acts to tour oversees. Warring Catalina and the creative intern hatch a plan to reunite the boy band (Fair), in direct competition with Mansford’s newest creation, an all-girl group. In a stunning take-down (who on earth would have thought that the creative intern would be cross about Mansford giving her music to another group?), the revitalised boy band go all out to win a tour of the USA (Not Enough).

But, they each have a decision to take – what are they willing to give up to achieve their ambition? (Pick Me! reprise).


If you’re interested in learning more about performance opportunities for AMBITION, contact Zella directly. The show will be published shortly.


“Fantastic performance. Superb teamwork and a really enjoyable experience. Thank you to everyone.” Jill Larner, Head, Hampshire Music Service.

” I thoroughly loved every second of last night’s production. I was really blown away by it. The whole cast were brilliant. And funny, really, really funny. The music was fabulous.” Clare Campbell-Collins (award short-listed playwright)

Audience feedback via AMBITION facebook page: amazing production • amazing show, absolutely amazing • great show, great production, great team, great cast •  OMG it was brilliant. The songs were fantastic, actually the whole show from start to finish was amazing! • it was awesome • feel good fun factor • I laughed all the way through • catchy tunes • fantastic performance, first class • absolutely brilliant show • super – clever story with foot tapping music • fantastic show

AMBITION’S boy band: G dot B


A miracle worker, AMBITION

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