1500 primary school choir rehearsing for MY WORLD

Rehearsing for MY WORLD at Royal Albert Hall


Concept, book and lyrics by Zella Compton, music by Tom Guyer.

Gender-blind, four characters, plus narrator (optional choir).

Desperate to save the oceans, a group of diminutive barnacles guide a sacrificial whale to the hungry monster’s lair.


Originally commissioned for a performance at Royal Albert Hall, Spring 2018, MY WORLD is currently being updated for reduced-scale performance. Get in touch to find out more / request sample tracks. Running time 30 mins.


Under the oceans, the creatures of the deep gather (There’s change). It’s time to make another sacrifice to the monster who plagues their realms. The barnacles announce that they’ve chosen to sacrifice a whale and, as the whale’s guides, themselves. After asking for a whale volunteer (A moon or two), the barnacles and the whale set out to the monster’s lair. On the way they’re beset by the monster’s dangers (My world), until the pollution becomes too much (The sound of our oceans). The barnacles’ arguments awake the monster (The monster is here).

The monster threatens to consume the oceans until a child in the choir realises s/he is the monster, and refuses to continue singing. One by one the children step out of the choir and reject the monster’s behaviour towards the oceans five (The monster is us), thus the children become the saviours of the oceans.

An ITV new report about the show – the music being performed is from MY WORLD

Zella Compton and Tom Guyer at the first full rehearsal of MY WORLD.

Sarah Parish rehearses narration of MY WORLD at Royal Albert Hall.


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