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Alverstoke Junior School and performance poetry

on Sep29 2013

This week I was at Alverstoke, running a day-long performance poetry class.

I was thrilled with the creativity and flair that the children had. Some really great work appeared, which I will share here later.

In the meantime, this is what their teacher just emailed to me:

“Thank you for the work you did with the children on Thursday. They were so fired up and enthusiastic at the end of the day – and that enthusiasm was still there the following day. Children have been knocking on my classroom door desperate to share their poetry and drama interpretations of it. Some of them even went home and carried on writing in their own time. One of the boys in my class has offered to teach the session to the rest of the children telling them that it had been amazing (his word not mine!). This was not a child that would normally become excited about writing. Considering, as a school, we are focusing on improving boys’ writing, this was lovely to hear.”
How cool is that?

I will update this site very soon, I have been a bit lax as I have written a piece of immersive theatre for a school, and all my time has been sucked into that recently! But a very short story of my summer:

Lots of performing, lots of festivals, cracking on with writing book, writing theatre, being happy.

I am very glad to be me.

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I visited Crofton School in Stubbington

on Jun27 2013

The children there were AMAZING!

I’ll tell you a little about them in a moment, but before that, look at this lovely note from their English teacher (who looks like a beautiful Viking warrior Princess by the way!)


Dear Zella,
Thank you so much for your visit to Crofton yesterday, the Creative Writing group was in awe of you and valued your tuition tremendously.  They were particularly thrilled by the section where you focussed on “Character Inspiration”; it gave many of them ideas to take forward for their own writing.  Overall I think what you achieved with the cross-section of students from different year groups was fabulous.  I have informed my Head Teacher of the success and he too was delighted.
Thanks again,

I was really impressed with the way in which they pupils there worked; there was some lovely sharing at the end of the session. I wish I had had time to hear all of their creations, as the ones that I did hear were so exciting!

What a talented bunch of children! And so lucky with that lovely school site!
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Comments on my school visits: they’re good! yeah baby!

on Jun27 2013

I am getting organised, and in my admin process, have come across these quotes from Portchester (who I visited last year).

“Zella Compton visiting Portchester Community School has been one of the best enrichment activities I’ve personally organised. Zella was very engaging with our students and pitched her presentation appropriately for the age groups. It was a pleasure to see so many students, especially dis-engaged Year 9 boys, asking her questions and even buying copies of Zella’s book. Even months after her visit, students are asking me when she is coming back. I will be definitely asking her back to Portchester again based on the impact she has on our students.” Mr Wood, Portchester Community School (senior)


And here is what the students said:

Josh Boh ‘I used to only read comics but this book made me want to read proper fiction and start my own book.’

Laurel Boxall ‘Zella Compton was really friendly and nice and gave us lots of good advice and points about being an author and writing a book. Thank you for coming to Portchester.’

Connor Owen ‘ I thought you were very nice and could inspire a generation.’

Megan Channon ‘ I love how Zella mixed animation and cartoons with a story. Really creative!.’

Jamie Roberts ‘ I like the idea of using a mixture of writing and animation in a book.’

Maisy Bowles and Charlotte Connelly ‘ You inspired us to write our own book.’

Jack Harris ‘ She inspired me to carry on in English and to aim for her standards.’


How cool is that? I have a great big shiny glow happening around me right now! If you work at a school, or want to get me to come and visit, you need to contact Authors Abroad. They are really lovely people. If you want to get back to my website, click on: Wow, Zella sounds fab, I must book her to visit us sometime soon.




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