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Sam Bannister, The News, review of The Ten Rules of Skimming

on Jan7 2013

The Ten Rules of Skimming is a unique adventure which will grab even the most reluctant young reader. Zella Compton’s debut novel is an animating adventure told through words and a set of impressive illustrations which make the story an irresistible read. Adam Barnes could be any bored teenager until his life takes an exciting twist which takes him places most people can only dream of. Living any schoolboy’s fantasy, he skips through people’s minds from one cliff-hanging chapter to the next, bringing drama, suspense and defiance along the way.


Thanks Sam!

The Hattons are reading The Ten Rules of Skimming!

on Sep30 2012

Laura H is reading!


And so is her Dad!

And her Mum!


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I have a review on Amazon!

on Sep28 2012

This is probably really uncool of me to twitter on about each and every time someone says something good about Skimming, but I can’t help it!

It’s so exciting. That and my visit to Fareham Waterstone’s today to deliver posters – and to see they already had one up above the counter! It’s brilliant times for me!

Okay, that’s all for tonight. I have to go and lie down with a wet cloth on my brow . . . . but if you want to skip over to Amazon that’s cool, or go back to my website that’s cool too!


Teen Librarian reviews TTRoS: #excellent

on Sep28 2012

I sent Matt the Librarian a copy of The Ten Rules of Skimming as he runs an excellent website called teenlibrarian and I wanted to know what he thought. He asked me to write a piece for his site about working with an illustrator – the lovely Jess Swainson – and I’ll link to that when it goes live.

But this is what he put on twitter about my book:


Matt Imrie ‏@mattlibrarian

@ZellaCompton The Ten Rules of Skimming is like Inception for YA readers! #excellent


That is massive praise – and especially as I don’t know him, he’s not related and he owes me diddly squat! I am so excited and buzzing.

I also had a lovely phone call from Hummingbird Books yesterday, to discuss The Ten Rules of Skimming. That was very exciting as well. Hopefully it’ll get a review on the site, as only books which children LOVE are included. Fingers crossed.

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Jessica’s read The Ten Rules of Skimming

on Sep27 2012

She sent me this awesome picture:


Jessica gets a-reading!

and even better, she said: I loved it! Gonna ask the librarian to order some copies and display them!! Xx

She’s a teacher by the way, even though she looks about 12. She’s also my cousin, but she didn’t have to love it (as cousins aren’t duty-bound) – so I am very pleased that she did!

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Claire R has read it: this is what she said . . . .

on Sep20 2012

The Ten Rules of Skimming is a thriller for 10 yr olds and up. It’s a taut teenage page turner exploring an intriguing idea… I’m not going to spoil it. Amazon says it’s not available yet, but it is. Try it out. But don’t start reading it late at night; it’s quite hard to put down.

The above is her ‘formal’ review, after she posted on my facebook wall and I asked if I could put her comment on my website. I hope she doesn’t mind too much, but I am also going to include what she posted on my wall:

Read your book in one sitting instead of getting an early night. Couldn’t stop. Brilliant idea well told, and very tight. How the hell did you keep track of the narrative? It would make a cracking film. I’m going to order some more copies.

I’ve asked her for a pic, so you can see that it’s not me posting one of those scandalous author reviews! Hopefully it will come soon.

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Orla is reading!

on Sep20 2012

And, not to be outdone by her sister Hebe, Orla has something to say about The Ten Rules of Skimming:

I wouldn’t change anything because it was too good, and I really enjoyed it. This is a really good book so if you’re looking for something to read, read this! Zella Compton is amazing. It flows through your mind like you’re in the world of skimming. It’s really inspirational and it’s very good for her first book. Read it!

My favourite character was Spod because she was very funny, and I also like Marion because she was shouting ‘Go Adam’ when he tried to catch the burglar.

I don’t like Williams because he was mean and scary. You must read this book because it’s amazing!


I’ll tell you what is amazing – my children! They are so lovely . . . we’ll quietly ignore the fact that Orla is way to young to be reading Skimming! My parents used to let me read pretty much anything – so I can’t say ‘no’ can I? To get back to my website click on: zella compton’s daughters love her book!

My first book review: by Hebe

on Sep18 2012

Book revue

The ten rules of skimming!

My name is Hebe I am 10 years old and I read my mum’s book over the last few days and I thought it was amazing and well worth reading!!

Mum’s book is about a boy called Adam who can skim through people’s minds. Adam sister, Marion, has gone missing and Adam has to skim through people’s heads to find out where she is.

There is a family across the road who are called the Williams. They have 3 children but the three children and mother die in a car crash and Williams manages to save them, but how? Well you just have to find out for yourself by reading The Ten Rules Of Skimming. I like the ending of this book so I just read it over and over again.  Look, all I’m trying to say is it’s a book well worth reading. Even if you only read the first ten pages at least you tried it. Thanks hope you enjoy reading it.


Hebe the reviewer gets stuck in!


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